Habs’ Twitter Blunder… Or Not


Sometimes, fans and media get rather desperate and this year seems to follow the trend of last year. The loss of a couple of key players from last season seems to have overtaken fans and media’s mind, even making them forget the gains the Montreal Canadiens have made this summer. This has for effect to blow little things out of proportion, even taking everything as facts even if it makes absolutely no sense. Guys like Eklund, for example, have been feeding on this for many years now.

The Habs’ fan base had a perfect example this week when a Reddit user apparently caught a glimpse at Colorado Avalanche’s forward Matt Duchene‘s Twitter account noticing that the Montreal Canadiens’ Twitter had, for a very short time, followed the centre’s account.

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 9.35.12 AM

It didn’t take more to make this the talk of town amongst Habs’ fans. It is no secret that Duchene and the Avalanche are not in best terms and team GM Joe Sakic has admitted listening to offers for him. It has also been well documented that the Canadiens, in desperate need of a top-two lines centre, are one of the most serious suiters for Duchene, as reported as recently as earlier this week by the most notable NHL insiders. But not so fast folk!

Common sense

Who runs the Montreal Canadiens’ Twitter account do you think? If you answer Marc Bergevin or any of the people “in the know” of classified information about such topics like trades or player signings, I’m sorry to say that you are dead wrong. And it’s not Geoff Molson either folks. No, the twitter account is maned by a few staff members in the social media section of the PR department, no more, no less.

So before taking this to the bank as the Canadiens having a deal in place for Duchene, ask yourself: would Bergevin and his team inform the Twitter account users or the NHL for an announcement? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Also, don’t you think that it’s bizarre that nobody else but this user saw that and “reported” it immediately? Further, in a world where fake Twitter accounts pop up at every trade deadline or free agency period, have you ever heard of how easy it is to photoshop something like that, to get their 5 minutes of fame?

Some are comparing this to the instance of this past summer when Alexei Emelin started following the Las Vegas Golden Knights on Twitter. We all know that Vegas ended up claiming Emelin at the expansion draft. However, those making the correlation are forgetting one important fact: a player finding out that a team will select them at an expansion draft is NOT the same as a NHL social media team staff finding out about a trade of such magnitude as Duchene to Montreal. Nowhere close, even.


While there is no doubt that Matt Duchene has been on the Habs Radar for quite some time, there are two possibilities, in my humble opinion:

1- It was made up and photoshop

Yes, this is the most likely possibility, in spite of the desperation in hoping that Marc Bergevin would pull the trigger to address one of the Canadiens’ biggest need. Someone feeding on the biggest fan base’s desperation, what an incredible concept, right?

2- It was a mistake

The staff tweeting from the Canadiens’ Twitter account all have their own personal Twitter account as well and it is very likely that they all use Apps and programs such as UberSocial, TweetDeck, HootSuite (just to name a few) to run their multiple accounts. If you have used those yourself, you will know how easy it is to mistakenly pick the wrong account. I’m guessing that if the image is legitimate and that the Canadiens’ account followed Duchene for a short time, it was a staff member wanting to follow him from his personal account and clicked the wrong account to do so. Realizing the mistake, the Tweet was immediately deleted.

So before letting desperation dictate our thoughts, let’s think the situation over folks. Yes, it is possible that Bergevin and the Canadiens get their hands on Duchene. They have $8.4 million reasons do to so and definitely the need for him. But if or when that happens, you can bet your pay check that the NHL and major insiders like Bob McKenzie, Darren Dreger, Pierre LeBrun or Elliott Friedman will know and publish the news well before Mr. or Mrs. Smith working the team’s Twitter account. I’m not a betting man but I would definitely gamble on that one.

If you would like to follow Matt Duchene on Twitter, you can do so by following @Matt9Duchene. If you are wanting to do this and are handling the Montreal Canadiens’ official Twitter account, please ensure that you are doing it from your personal account, not to give desperate fans a heart attack. Go Habs Go!!!


Habs’ Fans Take on Twitter


When the Montreal Canadiens swept the two-game series against division rivals Ottawa Senators last weekend, all seemed good amongst the fanbase. Captain Max Pacioretty was on pace for a 40 goals season, Carey Price was back to form, headcoach Claude Julien was winning games. Some fans were seeing the team as one of the best in the Eastern Conference, at the very least the best in the Atlantic Division. Funny how to games can change people’s perspective on things…

After two consecutive lacklustre efforts against two non-playoffs’ teams in the Detroit Red Wings and the Carolina Hurricanes, fans are all over everyone that breaths around the Canadiens’ organisation. Whether it be the players, the coaching staff, the General Manager or even the owner, everyone is getting either fired, traded or insulted by a very frustrated fanbase with pundits who were just waiting in the weeds to jump out and say their traditional: “I told you so…”

Here are a few examples of comments taken on Twitter with the #Habs hashtag:


I think that Marie here summed up the situation quite well. Well done. 🙂

Fans are frustrated, that’s understandable. But this team is just not as good as some want them to be, or think that they are when they are winning. A season is filled with ups and down and even the Washington Capitals have been losing lately. The Pittsburgh Penguins lost to Ottawa last night, a team that the Habs beat twice in two nights less than a week ago.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, although I very well know that the message won’t get across for most of the people reading this: Relax people. Yes it’s fun to cheer for a hockey team but remember that in the big scheme of things, it’s just a game, a pass time for us fans. Think of your loved ones, think of what if you lost your health and were terminally ill… or a loved one. Yes have passion, but also have boundaries and learn to stay within them. The ride will be that much more enjoyable when you look back and get to your goal. Go Habs Go!