Canucks and Habs 2016: False Report


For the sake of sensation, readership, listenership or worse, filling an agenda against a General Manager whom some can’t stand and want fired, there are individuals both in the media and amongst a fan base who will take a rumour and make it sound like a fact. Why? Because it fits their agenda when they have an axe to grind, and/or it makes for good publicity for them.

A typical example of that came out this past week when Elliott Friedman, in his 31 Thoughts: The Podcast, made the following statement:

“There was a chance that the Canucks would get P.K. Subban but the problem was that Pierre-Luc Dubois was not going to fall to Vancouver’s pick, because Montreal knew that Columbus was going to take him. If Montreal believed that Dubois was going to be available at five, P.K. Subban could have been a Vancouver Canucks.”

That’s all Friedman said on the podcast. Well someone, somewhere – including – brought back a Friedman article from June 24, 2016 and presented it as current. In the translation, they insinuate that Marc Bergevin declined an offer from Canucks’ GM Jim Benning which would have included Bo Horvat, Chris Tanev and the fifth overall pick for Subban. It didn’t take more for the vultures to take this false news and run with it and unfortunately, because they presented it as facts, people believed it.


However, as few reporters do in today’s day and age, someone by the name of Jeff Veillemette went straight to the source and pulled out Friedman’s 2016 30 Thoughts.

You see the difference? There is no way that Benning would be crazy enough to offer that package for Subban and Bergevin being stupid enough to decline it. If anything, it might be what the Canadiens were asking the Canucks for Subban, had Dubois fallen to number five overall… but I’m convinced that Vancouver wouldn’t have done it.

The morale of the story is that before jumping to conclusions, get to the source folks and beware of those who have a #FireBergevin hashtag in their tweets. Chances are that they will believe anything and everything, even twisting things to make them fit their agenda, and they will present them as facts. Now if someone brings this up again, you can point them to this article. Go Habs Go!


Mikhail Sergachev Interview & Highlights


It’s been a long time since the Canadiens have made the news, being out of the playoffs for a few months already and fans were in need of some positive news. Marc Bergevin started the draft with a bang, completing not one, but two trades before the second selection was made by the Winnipeg Jets.

The Columbus Blue Jackets threw a wrench in Habs’ fans hopes to see the team trade up to acquire local sensation Pierre-Luc Dubois when they caused a surprise when they selected him third overall.

We had to wait for the Canadiens’ turn to speak and with the likes of Tyson Jost and Logan Brown available, Trevor Timmins surprised more than a few by selecting Windsor Spitfire’s outstanding Russian defenseman Mikhail Sergachev. Standing at 6-foot 2-inches and 220 lbs, the mobile two-way defenseman seems like a force to recon with. Time will tell how he develops but the future seems very bright for the young man.

A dominant two-way defenceman whose tenacity and competitiveness characterize his style of play. Plays with a poise and confidence that facilitates his creativity with the puck as well as split-second decision making. Naturally fluid skater who is always looking to be engaged, if not the center, of each unfolding play. All-in-all, a diligent two-way defenceman who excels at finding ways to be a difference-maker in games. (Curtis Joe, EP 2016)

Here is an interview Sergachev had with Bob Stauffer after fitness testing at the 2016 NHL Scouting Combine earlier this month, as well as a highlight video showing what Habs’ fans can expect to see when he’s ready to make the jump to the NHL. Enjoy. You can give him a follow on Twitter as well, @sergachev31.