Do It… Do It Now!

We read a lot of negativity, a lot of stuff that brings us down on the internet. But there are some very good things to. It all depends on what sites we visit, what we’re accustomed or drawn to. Here’s an amazing piece I bumped into, one of the best I’ve read in a very long time, one that touched me deeply inside. A piece that spoke to me… NOW.

En français ci-bas

The day barely started that… il was already 6:00 pm… barely Monday and it was already Friday… and the month is already over… and the year almost done… and already 40, 50 or 60 years of our life have passed… and we come to realization that we have lost our parents, friends, and realize that it’s too late to turn back time…
So… Let’s try regardless, to fully take advantage of our remaining time… let’s not stop looking for activities that we enjoy… Let’s put colour in our cloudy days… Let’s smile at the little things in life that put some balm in our heart. And regardless, we must continue to take advantage or the serenity with our remaining time. Let’s try to eliminate the “after”… I’ll do it after… I’ll say it after… I’ll think about it after…We leave everything to later as if “after” was ours. As what we don’t understand is that: after, the coffee will be cold… after, priorities change… after, the charm is gone… after, health has gone… after, the kids grew up… after, pour parents get older… after, promises are forgotten… after, days become nights… after, life will be over… and after, it’s often too late.
So… Don’t leave anything for later… As while we’re always waiting for later, we can lose the best moments, the best experience, the best friends, the best family… The day is today… The instant is now…
We aren’t at the age where we can afford to push to tomorrow what can be done today. So let’s see if you have time to read this message and if you like it, copy and paste it. Or maybe will you leave that for… “later”… and you will “never” share it…
~ Boucar Diouf

En français…

À peine la journée commencée et … il est déjà six heures du soir… A peine arrivé le lundi et c’est déjà vendredi…. et le mois est déjà fini…. et l’année est presque écoulée…. et déjà 40, 50 ou 60 ans de nos vies sont passés…. et on se rend compte qu’on a perdu nos parents, des amis, et on se rend compte qu’il est trop tard pour revenir en arrière …
Alors… Essayons malgré tout, de profiter à fond du temps qu’il nous reste… N’arrêtons pas de chercher à avoir des activités qui nous plaisent… Mettons de la couleur dans notre grisaille… Sourions aux petites choses de la vie qui mettent du baume dans nos cœurs.Et malgré tout, il nous faut continuer de profiter avec sérénité de ce temps qui nous reste.
Essayons d’éliminer les “après” … je le fais après … je dirai après … J’y penserai après … On laisse tout pour plus tard comme si “après” était à nous. Car ce qu’on ne comprend pas, c’est que: après, le café se refroidit … après, les priorités changent … après, le charme est rompu … après, la santé passe … après, les enfants grandissent … après, les parents vieillissent … après, les promesses sont oubliées … après, le jour devient la nuit … après, la vie se termine … Et après c’est souvent trop tard….
Alors… Ne laissons rien pour plus tard… Car en attendant toujours à plus tard, nous pouvons perdre les meilleurs moments, les meilleures expériences, les meilleurs amis, la meilleure famille… Le jour est aujourd’hui… L’instant est maintenant…
Nous ne sommes plus à l’âge où nous pouvons nous permettre de reporter à demain ce qui doit être fait tout de suite. Alors voyons si vous aurez le temps de lire ce message et ensuite de le partager/copier. Ou alors vous le laisserez peut-être pour… “plus tard”… Et vous ne le partagerez “jamais” ….
~ Boucar Diou

Making Every Day Valentine’s Day

Cupid. Hallmark cards. Jewelry. Flowers. Chocolate. Lingerie. Fancy dinner in a restaurant. Even wedding engagements. After Christmas, Valentine’s Day is the holiday where the most money is being spent. But why is that? Since when do people need to spend money to tell someone that they love them? Why do people need a “reminder day” to prove their love to someone? Because it’s commercialized, that’s why. That’s how they portrait it on television, with their commercials, in stores and at the Malls, all over the place.Heck, some pizza places even make heart-shaped pizza!

As some people don’t like Christmas, many don’t like Valentine’s Day. For the most part, it’s for the same reason: they don’t like the fact that those holidays have become to commercialized and have lost their true meanings. Others don’t like Valentine’s Day because… they are not in a couples’ relationship. And if you ask me, that’s not fair.

For those reasons, some people are downplaying the holiday by pretending – and claiming out loud – that Valentine’s Day is like every other day. By doing so, they feel like it takes the power away from the “commercial pressure” of having to buy something for our loved one, spending money when they’re still trying to pay off the Christmas bills. While there are benefits to what they are trying to accomplish, it’s a self-preservation excuse that they are using, something that the human brain is programed to do.

But really, why is Valentine’s Day thought to be just for couples? Who decided that? If St. Valentine was about loving one another, shouldn’t it be just a reminder to tell the people you care about that you love them? Why couldn’t it be an expanded holiday, allowing for your Valentine(s) to be your mother, father, brother, sister, children, grand-parents, uncles, aunts, cousins, close friends?…

Now here’s an idea, similar in many ways to that way of thinking but with a major twist:

“Instead of making Valentine’s Day be like every other day, why not make every other day be like Valentine’s Day?”

Wait, what?!? Think about it for a second. The people who want Valentine’s Day to be like every other day are saying that they should be able to tell the one they love that they do, any other day. That is true, but why not celebrate that love on February 14th as well? Instead, making every other day be like Valentine’s Day means that you celebrate and show your love for one another every day. See the difference? It’s subtle, but the end result is substantial at the same time.

You see, I come from the old school, where men don’t show their feelings. I was raised in thinking that “They know that I love them, at least they should know” and “I wouldn’t be doing this or that if I didn’t love them“. Saying the words “I love you” is uncomfortable, almost a sign of weakness. Not that you don’t love them, you just say it with actions, not so much in words. That was until something happened in my life that made me realise how wrong this way of thinking is.

So dear readers, tell the people that you love exactly how you feel about them and do it every day, not only on Valentine’s Day. Remember that while a bouquet of flowers or telling someone that you love them is nice, it means nothing if your day to day actions don’t support your words. Actions do speak louder than words. Hold your partner’s hand. Hug your parents, your kids. Make dinner for your friends. Invite your elderly parents for a Sunday brunch. Go for a walk, a drive together. Buy them flowers in January, or any other non-holiday date and time. But mostly, look them in the eyes and tell them, show them that you care, that you love them.

You see, the people that you love may leave this world before Valentine’s Day, and you may never have a chance to tell them how you feel. So celebrate this beautiful holiday each and every day. This way, you don’t need to buy anything. You simply are sharing the gift of love each and every day.