The Decline of The Canadiens Empire

Another season, another year without playoffs for the Montreal Canadiens and their fans. As management claims that the goal each season is to make the playoffs, this would then mean that the team is falling short of their goal in what seems to be a bit too regularly. Based on the results, either the goals are set too high, or we’re not being told the truth. Either way, it’s a situation that must be corrected soon. Fans and media members are getting frustrated and if Carey Price‘s recent interview is any indication, it seems like the players are sharing their feelings. After all, being eliminated in January after missing the playoffs by four points a year ago is a huge blow for everyone.

With the team suffering through not one, but two 8-games losing streaks in the last few weeks, Twitter and call-in radio shows are not a good place to be these days. We know how fans and media can be in Montreal and they’re all out in full force for their witch hunt, pitchforks and lanterns in hand. But why exactly is this happening? What went wrong this season? The truth is, it’s not only one thing, one person or even one group responsible, but a series of events. Let’s have a look at why this is:

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As Playoffs Hopes Fade, What Next for The Habs?

It’s been a great battle, one that left many wounded soldiers unable to help their troup while they were getting slaughtered by opposition through an eight game winless streak, followed by another seven game winless streak a week later. When the dust settled, after losing a third game in as many games to the NHL’s basement dwellers Detroit Red Wings, who were 13 points behind the second worst team in the league, the New Jersey Devils, the Montreal Canadiens are faced with the harsh reality that their hopes for a playoffs’ spot are rapidly fading away… in January.

But they’re only seven points back from a Wild Card spot“, some people will say. And they are 100% right. However, the Habs have to leapfrog five teams in order to hope for a participation in the playoffs. Yes, they can go on a winning streak once their injured players come back but while Brendan Gallagher seems the closest to returning, the others aren’t expected for at least another week, maybe two.

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