Carey Price and Shea Weber Still Respected

We keep hearing, reading Habs’ fans claiming that Carey Price and Shea Weber are either finished or some people find any way possible to downplay them when they play well. This is called getting your foot in your mouth at some point and refusing to admit being wrong, fighting tooth and nail to save face instead. And then, when others who are in a better position than them come out and say the opposite to what those “fans” claim, they revert to accusing them of lying or come up with some lame excuse to downplay what they’re saying.

Well folks, we just have another example today. In a recent poll they have conducted with nearly 400 NHL players, the Athletic has published the results today. And for Habs’ fans, there are two questions of interest…

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Kotkaniemi Earning Respect

You’re going along as a young man, trying to find your niche as a 19 year old in a country miles away from your hometown on the most historic and decorated hockey team in the world. You’re working with the coaches, other players and on your own, trying to get to the next level as soon as you possibly can. The pressure of being the third overall pick at the Draft weights on you, and playing in the Mecca of Hockey, in front of fans who aren’t always the most supportive of their own players, coaches and General Managers. But then something happens. An event changes everything and you find yourself at that next level…

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