Kassian out, Scrivens in


Well there you have it. The rumour that’s been spreading like bad weeds for a few hours already has been confirmed, resulting in the Oilers getting their hands on Zack Kassian and the Canadiens getting… Ben Scrivens, a goaltender who seems to have lost his Mojo in recent years.

This is very disappointing for the Habs’ fan base as Kassian was acquired in return of Brandon Prust, a player well liked by everyone. But let’s not kid ourselves here: the most disappointed has to be GM Marc Bergevin, who took the time to sit down and have a heart to heart with Kassian after he acquired him… only to be let down by the big winger.

This trade does not address the team’s biggest need and there is no doubt that Bergevin is working on something else, but in the meantime, it speaks loudly about the turn for the worse taken by Dustin Tokarski’s career.

After some good play in the playoffs against the New York Rangers, Tokarski’s play has slowly spiralled downwards last year to the point where the organisation didn’t feel comfortable giving nights off to MVP Carey Price.

And it only got worse from there. Tokarski lost his backup job at training camp when largely outplayed by Mike Condon. When called up to play a few games when Price was injured, Tokarski had one decent game which earned him back-to-back starts, only to be pulled in the second game and that was the end of him, forcing Bergevin to look outside the organisation for help.

Don’t be fooled here folks, Scrivens is NOT the saviour, nor is he ahead of Condon in the depth chart as we speak. He is there to give Condon a rest once in a while, something Tokarski was unable to do. There is an outside chance that he might perform well enough to take Condon’s spot as Price’s backup, but it’s doubtful.

Some are speculating that Price’s injury might be worse than announced, but people should not read that into the acquisition of Scrivens. Even if on schedule, Price hasn’t touched the ice yet and the Canadiens have some hockey to play in the meantime.

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